Get The Upper-Hand on Second-Hand

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Do I get awesome things at yard sales???

Uhhhmmmm YES!!!!

Do I think that you should too???

Heeeeckk YES!!!

I have personally saved so much money from shopping at Yard Sales. For me, it’s not always about saving money. (even though it’s a HUGE perk) I love to get out, enjoy the fresh air, listen to my new favorite Taylor Swift Album, and drink my Vanilla Iced coffee. I have a great time meeting new people and just cruising around the neighborhood with my boyfriend.

If you know me at all, you know that I treat Yard Sales as a Hobby. I know for most people this is unrealistic and not their ideal Saturday morning activity. (even though I completely disagree) But for those who want to do it and find interest in it, Go! Buy! Bargain!

Here’s a list of all the awesome things you can expect to buy at a yard sale, including some of the things I have bought including some prices as well. If you are planning on going Yard Sale Hunting, look out for these awesome deals/buys!

If you have any questions about how to yard sale make sure to check out my other post, Top Yard Sale Secrets from your Yard sales Guru.

What should I look for?

Clothing and Accessories

Purses/Backpacks – my friend bought a really cool backpack that he brings with him everywhere for only $2.00. I found a Michael Kors purse in good condition for $15

Clothes– usually prices are anywhere from $0.50-$2.00 each.(Including designer clothes with tags still on them)  Remember to bundle!

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Brand name sunglassesGuess($1.00), Prada($0.50), Rayban($1.00), Maui Jim($7.00 for 2 pairs)

There are usually generic sunglasses going from $0.25-$5.00

Children’s Clothes and Toys– If you have kids, There are so many great items usually in good condition as well.

Jewelry– You kind find gems if you look hard!

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Home and decor

House decorations– Including holiday decorations, usually there are ALOT of people selling holiday things.

Chalk Board– This was only $10.00 at a yard sale, It has become one of my favorite tools in my kitchen. I like to put cute quotes on it, to do lists, and Goals.

Kitchen supplies– if you visit any normal yard sale you will almost always find kitchen supplies. Remember to keep this in mind when making a price offer.

Juicer– I thought it was so cool that we found one that works perfectly for only $5.00

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Furniture- go early if you are looking for furniture, it usually is one thing that tends to go fast! I bought the side table below for $5.

Lamps– This Palm Tree lamp is one of my Favorites( I think it’s so cute) We got this for $5.00

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Plants and Pots– oh myyy, so many plants and things. I tend to have a lot of people just give me them for free! But I have bought a few really nice plants for my patio ranging from $0.50-$10.00

Candles– You can almost always find candles for really cheap. Check out what I did with this box of ugly melting candles here!  I got these super cute Rock Salt Candles for $1.00

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Picture Frames– Lots and lots of frames. I recently bought one for $1.00 and put pictures of my family in it and hung it up in my hallway. Sometimes you will find frames that are really ugly or worn down, but a little bit of paint never hurt anyone!

I got 4 of these cute palm tree polaroid picture holders for only $1.00

DIY - Create More, Spend Less

Craft supplies– lots and lots of craft supplies, I almost never buy any of my craft items new from the store (I do lots of crafts so that’s saying a lot)

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Canvas–  I have bought many different canvases for different prices. My most recent purchase was $1.00 per canvas 16×20.Have you seen the prices at the store??? That’s an AWESOME deal.  Check out my post about how I bought everything from yard sales for a Self Hosted Paint Party.  

Tools– You can always find great deals on tools! Make sure to keep this in mind when offering a price, my boyfriend usually offers anywhere from $0.50-$2.00 a tool, but don’t forget to bundle! Check out this post to help you with tips on how to get the best deals and bargains. 

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Wrapping paper/ birthday gift bags– For Christmas this year I bought a whole tub full to the brim with wrapping paper, ribbon, bows for only $10.00, I didn’t spend any other money on wrapping paper or anything and I gifted about 50 gifts+  and I still have TONS left over.

Sporting goods/Hobbies

Surf Board – It is a foam surfboard for $30.00 (this made me so excited)

things to buy at a yard sale | get a deal | how to save money | garage sale | how to bargain | items to buy | things to buy

Long Board– Sector 9 longboard for $5.00, Yes only FIVE DOLLARS! You can look here for what they normally go for. 


Books– Lots of books can be found at most yard sales. My boyfriend recently found a set of First edition Harry Potter books for $0.25 a book. We looked them up to see how much they are going for. Check it out here! (He was super excited)


These are just some of the many things you can buy at a yard sale.  If you want it, you can probably find it. Remeber to check out my latest post on Secrets to Yard Sales. Let me know if you found any awesome treasures! Comment below what you would want from a yard sale or what you have already found. I would love to add to this list 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Get The Upper-Hand on Second-Hand

  1. Your Papa and I went to yard sales all the time when we were younger. Such a fun way to spend a California morning!

  2. I’m a huge fan! I always pick up frames (I’m an artist) and junky furniture!

  3. Ah, I love yard sales. I agree i have found some of the coolest things there! one of my favorite things to shop for at garage sales is kid stuff. my kids grow out of stuff so fast and it’s awesome to get things for really cheap and that they love!

  4. Yard sales are SO much fun! I am a huge fan too! I live in Washington so there are only yard sales about 4 months of the year but i definetly Go to a lot of them in that time!

  5. Love Yard sales! I always check them out because I end up getting unique items at a crazy price! Wish there were some in Bulgaria 🙁

  6. YOu had me at vanilla iced coffee <3 i love yard sales, but we dont habe them that often here in germay. But we do have flEamarkets.

  7. There is nothing better than scoring an awesome deal at the goodwill or a yardsale. Like the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” 🙂

  8. I used to love yard sales. Now trying to get out with kids is a nightmare lol!! I do love how you sell it on all the bargains out there because there are so many to be had, I got one of my dinning room table sets for 5 bucks in great condition!!

  9. I really need to start getting into yard sales, you have some amazing finds! I love, love, love that chalkboard, it looks like one I have that i spent over $40 on new! Plus, having kids is expensive and it would be nice to score some great toys and kids clothes and not pay an arm and a leg for it!

  10. I love yard sales. it’s almost like a competition against yourself around here. You see if you can get a better deal than you did the last time. LOL. Thank you for your list of what to look out for it is very thorough.

  11. I love yard sales!! This is so helpful when bargain shopping because I never know where to start. This is so helpful, I can’t wait for spring to get back to the bargains!!

  12. What a great post! I need to visit more garage sales, youve fiund great studd! Im isually the one having them! Lol

  13. Garage sales are a big thing where i’m from.i always get some nice board games.

  14. I haven’t been to a yard sale in forever, but gosh, do I love a good bargain!

  15. I think it is about PERSISTENCE. I know that I will not strike it rich everytime I go to a garage sale, but if I don’t go I surely will not get anything good ever.
    Penny recently posted…Another Snow Day in The South turns Digital Learning DayMy Profile

  16. Wow you have gotten some great stuff! My cousin is amazing at yard sales. I always love to go with her because we find the best stuff!

  17. Shopping yard sales and shopping vintage have pretty much furnished my entire apartment. You can find just about everything you could ever need or imagine at yard sales, vintage shops, and estate sales! Thanks for spreading the word on such an amazing way to save money!

  18. Yard sales can offer some amazing finds that we can get for pennies on the dollar. I like picking up paintings and decorative pieces… those appeal to me most.

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