The Thankfulness Challenge- a Way to stay Grateful

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly! We often overlook this holiday between the scary goblins of Halloween and the sparkling lights of Christmas. This year, I want to change that! I am making a challenge to stay thankful and stop focusing on the things we want but focus on all the things we have! Its hard, especially getting ready for Christmas. All the shopping, writing christmas lists and figuring out how to afford everyones presents. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and negativity, wishing we had more money or more time. That is why I am proposing this Thankfulness challenge.(yay!)

What is the challenge?

The challenge is a way to stay thankful through the holidays. A reminder to not focus in on our wants but to focus in on all the great things we get to have and experience. So the real question is Are you up for the challenge?

How Can I participate?

The way to participate in this challenge is to follow day by day writing down each days topic. Following the days and writing the answers to the questions you are bound to become more positive, grateful and happy. (yay) You can either do this on your own, or get friends and family to join in! It’s a great table conversation for dinner, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Feel free to post your comments and accomplishments in the comments below. If you are starting this challenge late, don’t worry! you can catch up or start whenever you’d like.

Getting Started…

I personally like the idea of jotting down what I’m thankful for in a journal. You can do this, or you can write in “notes” on your phone, write it down on your calendar(this can be done to make a reminder to do it)or come up with your own way of taking note of what you’re thankful for. Sometimes sticky notes are fun!

What do I Write?

There will be a specific topic each day in the 30 day challenge. (see below) Write your answers down. This can be short and sweet or long and thought out. The whole idea of this is just to do it!

Okay I wrote them down, now what?

The fun part of this challenge is including the people around you in this experience! Share,Post,Talk! Share this with the beautiful people in your life encouraging and challenging them to join you! Post it on Facebook or Instagram or your source of choice, Challenge three other friends and see who is daring enough to catch on! (please tag me too) @modernmanipulations Don’t forget to use the #hashtag #thankfulnesschallenge

Goodluck to you all! I hope this brings Thankful thoughts, happy feelings and Good vibes!



How are you manipulating your life for the better?


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