How to make Candles out of Old Candles

How to make New Candles from Old Candles.

Want to make a Gift? Or do you just need something to do with your old ugly candles?

For Christmas this year I have decided to take the stress away from buying everyone expensive gifts and instead make everyone gifts. Now I know that may seem impossible to most people, so whether you are making gifts or just want a fun DIY keep reading…

As a lot of people know, I love going yard-saling. Most Saturdays, my boyfriend and I get in the car and go on a hunt for hidden treasures. Most of our apartment is decorated with 2nd hand used items. We have found that we can find really cool things for super cheap. It’s also a great way to get to know your neighborhood. For us its a fun excuse to drink coffee and listen to chill music. I will be posting a lot about how to yard sale and what to buy in future posts so keep your eye out if you are interested. For this post, I am going to teach you how to turn old ugly candles into cute beautiful ones! I bought this box of candles melting in the heat for $3, the wick for 50 cents and the vintage Japanese candy dish for 50 cents all at different yard sales.

There are tons of different things you can make into a candle. For example, shot glasses, mason jars, old coffee cups, wine glasses etc. For this Post, I am using a Japanese Candy dish. I thought the flower was a cute shape to give to my little niece for Christmas.

Don’t feel like making your own? Contact me *here* and I can make one for you out of your favorite cup/jar idea! - Create More, Spend Less


Old Candles, or old candle wax

Candle Wick,  I was lucky and found these at a yard sale but if you don’t want to look at yard sales or just can’t find them I know you can find them at craft stores and online for a good price. Amazon sells them for under $7 *Click the link below!* or you can always make them yourself! using string and borax:) I am always excited about making things out of the things you having lying around the house.

Candle jar, cup or glass (mason jars are the cutest!)

A pot– to boil water in and melt the wax

Tin can– this can be the tin can that is holding your expired beans in the pantry. Yes, beans can expire..  I didn’t know that either. (oops)

Chopsticks or clothespin-these are to support the wick from falling.

Step 1:

Chop up the old candle, use the chopped up wax and throw it in the tin

Chopping up the old candle was honestly the hardest part for me. I ended up using a hammer to help me cut into the wax. This made lots of noise.

My neighbors probably weren’t very happy, I was doing this at 1 in the morning. So it’s probably not a good idea to do this if anyone is trying to sleep. (oops)

Step 2:

Boil about an inch of water in the pot.

Step 3:

After the water is boiling add the tin that is full of the cut up wax.

*Tip: make sure there is enough wax in the tin to make it heavy enough so the tin can doesn’t float. -this took me way to long to figure out. (embarrassing!)

Step 4:

Turn down the Heat to a Low-medium heat.

Step 5:

Wait for wax to melt completely.

If this is taking too long you can turn up the heat. But its best if it isn’t melted quickly.

Step 6:

Add a small amount of wax to the bottom of your candle jar

This will act as your “glue” for the wick.

Step 7:

Quickly add the wick to the wax before it drys.

Step 8:

Add chopsticks or clothespin to support the wick.

Step 9

Pour the desired amount of wax into the jar

Step 10:

let it dry for at least 6 hours.

Step 11:

Trim wick

And.. walla! you have a new beautiful candle!

Light it, smell it, enjoy it! or be like me and give it away for a Christmas/ birthday gift.


I barely spent any money on this one! (i love when that happens)

My total came out to be  $4 🙂 and this doesn’t include the extra candle wax and wick that I got. So the next candle I make won’t even cost me that!

Look out for my next post about how to get the wax out of your old candle jar.  I will be posting soon!

If you have any questions let me know! I can be contacted by email and/ or social media. Or you can just comment below 🙂



Don’t feel like making your own?  Contact me *here* and I can make one for you out of your favorite cup/jar idea!

How are you manipulating your life for the better?

Old Candles into New Candles
Recipe type: DIY
How to make your old ugly candles into new beautiful candles
  • old candles
  • candle wick
  • candle jar,cup,glass
  • Pot
  • tin can
  • chopsticks or clothespin
  1. chop up the old candle and put the wax in a tin can
  2. boil about an inch of water in pot
  3. after the water is boiling add the tin that has the old candle wax
  4. turn down the heat to low to medium
  5. wait for wax to melt completely
  6. add a small amount of wax to the bottom of your jar
  7. then quickly add the wick, the wax will act as glue to hold the wick.
  8. support the wick by using chopsticks or clothespin
  9. pour the desired amount of was into the jar
  10. let dry for 6 hours or more
  11. trim the wick
  12. light it
  13. enjoy your fresh beautiful candle


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