How to Open a Wine Bottle without a Wine Opener

I’m sitting here writing this post with beautiful music in the background, boyfriend is in the kitchen cooking dinner annnndddd all I want that would make this Friday night perfect is a glass of nice wine. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible. I have a bottle of wine and no wine bottle opener. (ugh) Been here before? ya, it sucks. Haven’t had that problem yet? It’s bound to happen! So I’m here to tell you how to open a wine bottle without a wine opener.

This Is what I did to solve my problem.

First, I dug through our pantry and I found a bottle of wine(yay) it was originally $3 (extra yay) then I realized I didn’t have a bottle opener. I was so sad and bummed out.

Before I knew it, my boyfriend came to the rescue. He brought out his tools and we got to work. ( we really wanted wine)

His supplies

He grabbed 1 screw, a hammer, and 1 screwdriver.

Step 1

He screwed down the screw into the cork.

Step 2

He grabbed it with the back side of the hammer, and then pulled up the cork slowly.

he had to do this step twice because the first screw he picked was too small(oops)

Step 3

After he screwed down the larger screw he repeated his steps and then we had an open bottle of wine (I was so excited)

The result

We ended up drinking our delicious $3 bottle of wine enjoying the night and finished with an amazing home-cooked meal. (my boyfriend rocks!)


So, no wine opener? no problem.

  1. Grab One large screw, One hammer, and one screwdriver
  2. Screw in the large screw to cork
  3. Attach back of the hammer to screw and pull the cork out.


Hope this helps! I know it helped me ๐Ÿ™‚



How are you manipulating your life for the better?

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