Author: Cait

I love to learn new things and always on the hunt for creating something new. I am constantly having fun but always trying to stay on a budget! (as we all know rent is not cheap)This Site is all about learning new things, having fun and keeping it thrifty! I am attending an online college to become a teacher. I am trying to become a better writer, educator, and person. I am hoping that posting "how to's" will not only make it a fun way to learn, but will also teach me a fun way to teach others! So if you have any ideas or questions about "how to" do something feel free to Email me! If you have new ideas on how you currently "manipulated" (changed, engineered, ext.) the day to day stuff let me know! I would love feedback and to know someone is out there reading my posts so don't be shy!

How to make Candles out of Old Candles

How to make New Candles from Old Candles. Want to make a Gift? Or do you just need something to do with your old ugly candles? For Christmas this year I have decided to take the stress away from buying everyone expensive gifts and instead make everyone gifts. Now I know that may seem impossible […]

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How to Open a Wine Bottle without a Wine Opener

I’m sitting here writing this post with beautiful music in the background, boyfriend is in the kitchen cooking dinner annnndddd all I want that would make this Friday night perfect is a glass of nice wine. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible. I have a bottle of wine and no wine bottle opener. (ugh) […]

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Should I get an Ipsy Glam Bag?

  The alarm is going off. it’s 6 a.m. Time to get ready for another job interview. ugh. I brush my teeth, curl my hair, put on my makeup. CRAP. I’m all out of foundation and only have dry clumps left of my mascara. As I search on a man hunt for a way to […]

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The Thankfulness Challenge- a Way to stay Grateful

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly! We often overlook this holiday between the scary goblins of Halloween and the sparkling lights of Christmas. This year, I want to change that! I am making a challenge to stay thankful and stop focusing on the things we want but focus on all the things we have! Its hard, especially […]

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